General Information

Campus Security Act Information Disclosure

Under the Crime Awareness Campus Security Act of 1990, The Academy is required to provide prospective and current students, and all staff members, with the following information about our campus. The Academy facilities, located entirely at 19520 Nordhoff St #9, Northridge, California are open Tuesday through Saturday according to assigned class/lab schedules. The building may also be open for educational classes for licensed professionals or to groups securing the use of the facilities through owner approval. Any staff member made aware of a crime will notify an owner as soon as possible, perhaps even prior to notifying police, depending on the situation. All criminal actions or threats witnessed by a student or guest must be reported to an Academy administrator, educator, or owner immediately. The Academy representative informed will assist the student or guest in reporting a threat to campus safety, or a committed crime, to the appropriate emergency or non-emergency agency. It is critical that all staff be conscious of any report of a crime, and that the local police be made aware immediately.

All reported crimes will be reported and logged, and available to students, staff and the general public during all operating hours. The log of all reported crimes will be kept at the front desk at all times, and will be a record of any occurrence for the previous three years. A current (past 60 days) log book will also be kept in the book at the front desk. Also in the log book are all emergency procedures.
Students and staff are briefed at least two times a year on proper emergency procedures. In the case of an emergency, the Academy will broadcast to all parts of the school any necessary emergency procedures. Additionally, all students and staff will be alerted to any emergency via an immediate email blast (an email list of current staff and students is maintained on a daily basis), so any student not in attendance at the school during the emergency will know of the problem. The Academy does practice emergency procedures at least once per year, with a mock earthquake and/or fire drill.
All Academy Internet procedures are password protected, including access to the time clock, email accounts, financial accounts, and registrar files. Staff do not share passwords with each other or with students. Only staff employed over 90 days shall have keys to the building to assist in preventing internal crimes. The school parking lot is secured with a password-protected gate; passwords are changed periodically.