Advanced Make-up

Advanced Make-up Classes are the key to all elements of professional make-up techniques

Book A TourIn this comprehensive 45-hour beauty makeup course, you will learn the skills needed to create the ultimate illusion of beauty and glamour for print, runway and video. This intensive course is the master key to all elements of professional make-up techniques. This program is designed specifically for individuals who are passionate about the industry and are ready to start working immediately as a Certified Make-up Artist. By participating in this course, you will learn key techniques such as color theory and lighting, skin preparation, highlighting and contouring, corrective makeup, period piece makeup, fantasy and Avant-garde techniques. You will learn to put the “Art” into make-up artist and acquire the essential skills needed to work in the Fashion, Photography and Video Industries. We will find the right financial program for you upon your visit to our campus.

Advanced Make-up techniques:

  • Color theory and lighting,
  • Skin preparation,
  • Highlighting and contouring,
  • Corrective makeup,
  • Period piece makeup,
  • Fantasy and
  • Avant-garde techniques.

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Example of class objectives: (subject to change)

Day 1: (7 hrs)

  • station set-up, sanitation, client protection
  • skin tone and type, understanding skin undertones
  • base makeup: foundations, concealers, primers
  • tools of the trade
  • kit list check-in
  • theory of light and dark illusions
  • understanding face shapes
  • applying base makeup

Day 2*: (7 hrs)

  • color theory and how it is utilized in makeup
  • color schemes in makeup
  • grey value of colors
  • creating contrast on the face with contouring and highlighting
  • blending techniques
  • contour eye with neutral and intense colors

Day 3*: (7 hrs)

  • smokey eye application
  • application of strip and band lashes
  • applying liquid, gel, and wax eyeliner
  • different blush applications for face shapes
  • lip lining and lipstick application
  • cat eye application

Day 4*: (7 hrs)

  • working with a bride and wedding party
  • bridal and freelance consultation and pricing
  • working with photography and lighting
  • eyebrow shapes and how to create or
  • correct shape with makeup
  • bridal makeup application

 Day 5*: (7 hrs)

  • blocking out the brows and lips
  • how to create new lip shapes
  • creating a 1920’s look
  • creating a 1960’s look
  • creating your own modern look inspired by past decades

 Day 6*: (7 hrs)

  • understanding men’s makeup and when it’s needed
  • how to apply mature makeup
  • how to put together your portfolio
  • avant-garde makeup looks
  • making feather lashes
  • using different mediums
  • airbrush techniques
  • prepping for your fantasy look

 Day 7*: (7 hrs)

  • create your fantasy look utilizing everything you’ve learned
  • bring wardrobe
  • winner will be chosen!!!

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Pro Course  –  $2500.00
Pro Kit  –  $1000.00
Registration Fee  –  $150.00

TOTAL  –  $3650.00


$1000.00 scholarship available to Alumni/current students (no registration fee)


Educator: Demetra Henderson


Advanced programs are for current students or licensed Cosmetologists or Estheticians. Advanced programs vary based on demand. They usually consist of 1-2 day workshops (theory and hands on). They are usually taught by independent contractors.

Admissions requirements are either current Academy student or licensed professionals (cosmetology or esthetics) or currently enrolled in another beauty school (must provide proof of enrollment)


Course hours: 49 hours over 4 weeks

Class is limited to 16 people.

Start Dates:

July 30, 2017